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Deciding on the perfect wedding dress

Although there are a lot of planning and detail put into weddings... 

to say the trueth, there’s just as much thought put into the gown that the bride decides on. The gown should compliment your figure, portray your personality and satisfy your mother. 
So when you go dress, fitting the million dollar question is.. what do I do? 
Schedule your wedding dress appointment in the morning.
Going as early as possible is a really good idea, as you get an energetic, helpful staff member that hasn’t dealt with hundreds of bridezillas…yet. By getting the first appointment, the store is more likely to not be crowded and you can enjoy the full attention of your wedding dress consultant.
 Keep the top of your wedding dress in mind
Although every wedding dress hasa unique element, we’ll advise that you focus on the top of your wedding dress and choose the dress according to your favorite hem. The top of the dress is the piece that is most noticed by people and should therefor stand out. The majority of photo’s taken is also from the waist up. 
Choose a timeless wedding dress
Instead of choosing a trendy wedding dress, choose a timeless wedding dress. A timeless wedding dress can be described as a gown you feel sexy and glamorous in and consists of both traditional and modern elements. When you wear the dress, you should feel like an upgraded version of yourself.
You don’t have to bring the whole gang
Picking out the perfect gown is already very stressful, why complicate everything by bringing a big group of people to the fitting?
By bringing a big group of people, you are creating unwanted pressure. You are also making the whole process more difficult, as you have more opinions to listen to.
Just know that you are the person who is going to wear the dress, so 100% of the decision should be yours. 
It is also perfectly normal to go dress fitting alone.
First find a silhouette
Ofcourse the finer details are important. Well placed Buttons, beads, sequins, ribbon or lace can mean the difference between a good wedding dress and a great one. But if you don’t have a silhouette that works for you, not all the beads in the world can give your dress the desired look that every bride yearns for. So try not to get caught up in the ongoing trends, but rather in your personal style and what flatters your curves the best.
Bring your camera!
Instead of putting all of your trust in the mirror, take a picture to help you make a decision. Most mirrors in bridal gown stores are used to sell dresses, but your camera cant lie.
Kindly note, that not all stores allow you to take pictures, so be sure to call in advance and confirm whether you can bring a camera or not.
Try as many dresses as needed, but know where to draw the line
Almost any dress can look stunning on a hanger (it can also look terrible hanging there), but as soon as you fit the dress, it makes exactly the opposite impression than you suspected it to. Once the dress is on your body, it takes on a different shape and look than on the previous person. 
Although it is good to try on a lot of dresses, you still shouldn’t feel forced to fit more or less dresses. Just keep in mind that fitting 20 dresses at every store will leave you with more pressure, stress and confusion.
Ask questions
Ask questions of the boutique, the staff and also yourself. 
Am I comfortable? Can I sit? Can I dance? Am I self-conscious about any part of my body while wearing this dress?
By asking yourself these kinds of questions, you will be able to find a gown that fits the activities of the day, but also makes you look and feel absolutely amazing!

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