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Planning your dream wedding

I am getting married. 

The most wonderful, yet terrifying sentence you will ever have to say to yourself.
Every girl dreams about her big day from a very young age, so in a subconscious level, you are creating certain standards and expectations for your wedding day. When the thought of not fulfilling these wedding desires crosses your start to pannic, freak out and do not know where to start..
But before you do anything irrational, we have the perfect checklist for you, that will make your wedding planning sail smoothly; (Please note, planning for your wedding should be done a year - nine months prior to the actual wedding day)
1. Make your own wedding file with wedding images, contact information, etc. in it. - Read through all types of bridal, lifestyle, fashion, design and food magazines to find inspiration & a better idea of which wedding elements will take your wedding day from ordinary to extraordinary.
2. Plan your budget - Calculate the amount of money you will have to spend, after you have added your family's and your own contribution.
3. Decide on a wedding party
4. Draw up a guest list - Setting up a guest list will make it easier to plan the event, as you know how many people to cater for and you should keep the amount of guests invited in mind when picking the venue. Also decide on who your bridesmaids are going to be.
When setting up this guest list, remember to set up a column for contact details, RSVP's and information you think is relevant.
5. If needed, hire a wedding planner to help with your special day.
6. Decide on a date and venue for your wedding day. - (When making a reservation, keep the following in mind:
- Will you have seperate locations for the ceremony and reception
- The traveling time in between the 2 locations)
7. Book an officiant
8. Browse through different photographers, caterers, florists, etc. and keep their contact information in your wedding notebook.
9. After you have done the needed research, we advise that the photographer be hired 8-9 months before the wedding day
10. If you plan any entertainment, start attending events to see how the involved bands (or who ever you had in mind) perform infront of an audience. After you have done this, you can choose your favorite act and book them.
11. Meet your potential caterers.
12. Buy your perfect dress - Prepare yourself for at least 2 to 3 fittings. Don't be too hasty when choosing your perfect dress, the idea is to find something that you are comfortable with and that will leave a lasting impression.
13. Reserve accommodation for family and friends that do not live close by.
14. Start making invitations.- (If you budget accordingly, you can hire a designer or designing company to do the invitations for you)
15. About 5-6 months prior to the wedding, you can start to plan your honeymoon.
16. Gather the girls and go shopping for bridesmaids' dresses.
17. Set up a meeting with the officiant, where you get to confirm that you have all the neccesary documents in place for the ceremony.
18. Send out your save the date cards (5-6 months prior to the wedding)
19. Book your florist
20. Work out a schedule for your special day. - Which events will take place on what time.
21. Make a booking for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venue.
22. Revise your wedding invitations
23. Choose and order a wedding cake.
24. Send the wedding guest list to the host of your kitchen tea.
25. Shop for the perfect wedding shoes (Stylish, yet comfortable as you will be standing & running around a lot)
26. Start attending dress fittings
27. Make appointments for your hair and makeup.
28. Make a wedding music timeline. - (What type of music will be playing throughout which events)
29. Start finalizing the food and the flowers.
30. List the people giving toasts and determne which people have to speak at the reception.
31. Conclude the readings.
32. Purchase underwear and plan your second fitting.
33. Conclude your order of the ceromony and reception.
34. Do the needed printing of wedding elements, like menu cards of programs.
35. Purchase the rings
(If you purchase the rings 3 months in advance, there will be enough time for resizing and engraving)
36. Send your schedule to the vendor so they have time to notify you for needed changes.
37. Follow up with all of your vendors & ensure that no questions are unanswered
38. Meet with the photographer
39. Send out your invitations approximitely 2 months before the wedding.
40. Enjoy your bachelorette party.
41. Follow up with the invitations you sent out & update the RSVP's on your guest list.
42. Get a marriage license.
43. Send the rehearsal-dinner invitations.
44. Prepare for your third and hopefully final fitting.
45. After you are certain on the amount of guests attending the ceremony, you can now stock the bar.
46. Send out final payments.
47. Confirm times - (For makeup, hair appointments, vendors, etc.)
48. Plan the seating.
49. Buy bridesmaids' gifts
50. If necessary, write down your vows.
51. Reconfirm time of arrival with the vendors.
52. Go get your dress.
53. Check in with the photographer & florist
54. Send the final guestlist to the caterer.
55. Start packing for your honeymoon.
And finally you can rest assured that you are going to have the best day of your life.

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